Scan for Braces & Orthotics with One Device

• Free State of the Art Software
• Accurate to the Micrometer
• Integrated Product Catalog & Prescription Form

Held only to the highest standard, and backed with a lifetime warranty. Our 30 years experience in the industry guarantees the very best.

Add a couple of accommodations, or add them all! You will only pay for the device, the dressings come free

We don’t settle on low quality materials. We only use the best so you can offer your patients nothing less.

Forward Motion provides custom orthotic insoles and medical 3D scanning technology.
We pride ourselves on providing the best custom orthotic insoles for podiatrists and patients.
Forward Motion is dedicated to foot health, healing, and customer satisfaction.

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“Forward Motion orthotics have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Ordering has been simple and efficient. The lab manager, Tracy, is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Their workmanship is unmatched and my patients have been very pleased with their devices. “

Dr. Royal
Dr. Royal DPM

“I have no problems with Forward Motion Lab.  The devices fit, the scanner is fast and accurate, my patients love their orthotics.  We have used them for over 2 years.  I highly recommend you give them a try.”

Dr. Warren Johnson
Dr. Warren Johnson DPM

“This is a great lab.  The quality is really good and the scanner works flawlessly.  I recommend FM lab to anyone.”

Dr. Jeff Stewart
Dr. Jeff Stewart DPM