Meet The Team

Meet the team! The unique combination of experienced staff members at Forward Motion Canada has led to the creation of thinner orthotics, and faster production techniques insuring great turnaround times and an orthotic that we know you will love. Our staff is dedicated to helping you deliver the best products for your office.

Mike MacNeil, President

Rob Browning, General Manager

Kathy Weiss, Sales Manager

John Ballantyne, BS, C.Ped

Michael Rushton, DPM

Tracy Winchester, C.Ped

Helaman Chico,
CPO & Master Brace Fabricator

Eli Hillstrom, C. Ped

Collin Garey,
Brace Technician

Cody Ballantyne, General Manager

Mahlia, Missy & Reagan
Customer Support & Office Admin.

Josh Ballantyne,
Sales & Account Representative

Tim “The Wizard” Terry,
Software Development Manager

Chris Hovey, iOS Developer

Gage Miller, Art Director

Our Family