• Support weak limbs.
  • Position, Re-position a limb with a contracted muscle into a correct position.
  • To immobilize the ankle, foot or lower leg in the case of arthritis or fracture.
  • Used to offload for a diabetic ulcer or wound. Much like an “OWL” or “CROW” boot.
  • To correct drop foot.
  • Any Articulating motion that is built into a brace is to help spring the foot up or down during the swing phase of gait. Thus helping prevent tripping in the case of drop foot.
  • To treat conditions like PTTD, MS, Spinal Cord injuries, lower extremity weaknesses, peroneal palsy, weakness and imbalance due to neuropathy.
  • Using an AFO can be a better option than having an ankle surgically fused.
  • To make an ankle or foot more mobile or immobile.


  • We understand what PATIENT COMPLIANCE is.  We know that if we don’t make a comfortable, simple, and functional device then the patients won’t wear it or see results. This then will cause the doctor to potentially lose the patient, revenue, etc.
  • We have higher patient compliance with our braces because:
    1. Our braces fit better.  With our scanning, the most accurate scanning system available, the patient will have a perfect fit.  This is especially true around the problem areas (medial and lateral mallelous, haglunds deformity, mid calf in folks who have massive calves, and those with edema.
    2. No more plaster or inaccurate scans.
    3. We can review the scan before we send it to production.  We’ll call if we see any red flags with the scan and/or order request.
    4. Manufactured by a Certified Orthotist, Quality Checked by a Certified Pedorthist. Not just “anyone” can or does do this for us.
    5. Patients can wear our AFO’s with a typical shoe, and thus can wear it with daily activities.
    6. We can line the AFO with diabetic friendly materials.  (Or, activity friendly, sports, or those who just want to wear it around the house)
    7. Doctors will work with and speak directly with the fabrication team and thus specific requests can be tailored to the needs of the patient.
    8. All of our braces are extreme light weight.
    9. Production and quality guarantee.
    10. Choose from the basic models, or customize the device with different padding, coverage materials, straps, quantity and type.